HSM baling presses can reduce the volume of your waste by up to 95 %! That means you can save valuable space which would otherwise be taken up at your site, plus, you will benefit from the generation of a secondary and valuable raw material – baled recyclable waste! Heavier bales are more valuable and are likely to return a financial benefit back to your business when collected by Waste Management companies or Recyclers – so instead of paying for recycling, it could actually provide an additional income.

Vertical Bailing Press

Due to their size, cost efficiency and capacity, HSM’s vertical baling presses of the V-Press series are incredibly well-suited for industry, manufacturers and trading alike. With this compact baling press, you can reduce the volume of your on-site packaging material by up to 95 %. The HSM product range of vertical baling presses starts with the small manual foil press HSM V-Press 60 and extends to the top-of-the-line HSM V-Press 1160

Horizontal Baling Presses

The HSM horizontal baling presses are suitable for industry, manufacturers and waste disposal companies. In addition to paper, cardboard and foil, they are often used for compressing expansive materials such as foams, polystyrene, hollow vessels, metal buckets, barrels, car tyres, etc. The baling presses of the HL series feature low overall height and a large loading aperture, facilitating handling of these materials by the user.

Channel Baling Presses

We are your partner – for products and project planning! HSM does not just hardware alone, but provides individual system solutions as well. When it comes to demanding systems, you can benefit from our extensive know-how and broad experience. Experienced HSM specialists assist you right from the start on site and provide ongoing support and service. With the wide range of options and accessories, our disposal solution can be fully integrated into your existing operation and processes. The individualised into your existing operation and processes. Get in touch with us and HSM will find the right soultion for you individual requirements.

Barrel Press

With a pressing power of 270 kN the HSM FP 3000 is excellently suited for pressing light metal and rolled hoop barrels.


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